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How does Britain Help?

Britain leads thousands of aid and diplomatic projects around the world.
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Saving Lives

Britain is helping people to prosper around the world by supporting individuals, nurturing small businesses and putting better infrastructure in place to provide a fairer environment.

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge witness the impact of climate change in northern Pakistan

The impact of climate change on fragile and remote communities was seen by the Duke and Duchess o...

UK announces extra £87 million funding for Rohingya crisis in Bangladesh

The UK is making available an additional £87 million for sustaining the Rohingya refugee operati...

UK aid to support struggling hospitals “near breaking point” in Gaza

New UK aid package will provide urgently needed medicines and surgical supplies.


Fighting deadly disease in Rohingya refugee camps

How anti-toxin, antibiotics and aid saved four-year-old Anwar's life.


Shaking off stigma on the basketball court

Left paralysed and in a wheelchair after being shot in Syria, Shaher now helps other disabled peo...